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Celebrating a New Year

ChickenBags Collage

Had a wonderful New Years Day with my friends in Parker.  It snowed on and off.  We enjoyed some delicious sushi and watched Stanford lose to Michigan State in the Rose Bowl Game while playing a quick game of “Vegas” followed by “Expedition: Famous Explorers”.  Enjoyed conversation with my friends, their son, and nephew.  I’ve known them since the first days of Settlers of Catan when you had to order the board game from Germany.  That’s a long time!

Also shared some bag-sewing plans with my friend who now loves to sew!  It’s a funny thing, but she was never inspired by my initial bag-making efforts – a chicken purse.  But as soon as I started making iPad bags from custom-selected fabrics, she got all excited and decided that sewing might be a worthy hobby.  Now she sews bags and is constantly on the lookout for new patterns of the non-chicken variety.

As I think about the upcoming year, there’s certainly one thing that doesn’t have to change and that is my sewing hobby.  Sewing provides an endless stream of things to do.  So here’s to a New Year that is much like the last!

Chicken bag pattern: “Go Chickens” from Needlesongs by Carol Bruce
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